Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Brand Development

Before we even think about a brand, we make it our business to know your business. We’ll talk with people across your organization, but more importantly, we’ll listen. We will find those useful little bits of wisdom hidden in the depths of your company.

Then, to use us to your best advantage, have us join your work in progress meetings, and consider our client service team a part of your marketing team. You know your market. Work with Gaga, and we’ll make sure we know what makes it special. 

We’re passionate about creating brands for our clients that stand the test of time. By sitting down to listen, we’ll work with you to produce enduring design work which may well remain in the market for several years.  

Through our 13 years in business, Gaga has gained a stellar reputation for design which is strategic, thought-out and deliberate, no matter the medium. There’s a sound rationale behind every aspect of the work we present to you, encompassing audience, readability, strategic alignment, brand longevity, and some good old common sense.