Direct Mail

Direct Mail

We see Direct Mail as the lifeline of all marketing efforts.

It carries the tremendous responsibility of building and maintaining the database resulting in customer loyalty. To be effective we must communicate to our customers on an immediate personal, and predictable basis.

Listen and analyze customers’ preferences and
respond to their needs.
Customize our messaging and offers so they get what they want. This two-way communication builds relationships; it makes connections, not just contacts; it builds strong loyalty to our brand, and in the end, increases frequency of visitation.

Basic Direct Mail objectives:

Initiate a visit
Communicate frequently
Create compelling offers
Incentivize according to customers behavior patterns
Leverage amenities as strong marketing tools
Target offers to specific day-parts

We provide

Direct Mail creative development, including concepting, copywriting and final artwork for the following types of programs:

Brand awareness, Core mail programs for Active, Inactive, Dormant, Fader and Prospective customers,
Food and Beverage Special Offers, Entertainment, Special Events, Weekly coupons, Monthly themed promotions,
Post cards
Slot/table offers
Monthly newsletters

To facilitate accuracy and streamline the creative/design production process, we create “snippets” for each category, or type of mailer that have the correct logo, address, disclaimers, problem gambling information, phone numbers etc. The artist selects the correct pre-packaged “snippet” of information and drops it into the mailer to save time and insure accuracy. We know standard mail sizes and design to achieve economical pieces with maximum impact. We know persuasive, tactical copy, we know where to place core message call-outs to increase response rates, and we know how to manipulate color and design to enhance effectiveness. We love the big projects that allow for oversized pieces on slick paper stock with creative folds and dimension, but we make our living doing high impact, smaller post cards, because that what the budget accommodates. In short, we design the right piece, for the right price.