Promotional Ad

Print Design & Production

The only thing that separates great design from art is that the former is functional. Print design, when used in a marketing sphere, is a fusion of ideas which ensures that your marketing efforts are going to stand out. 

With the average consumer being bombarded by thousands of messages on a daily basis, the print ad must do something to attract the reader’s/viewer’s attention. In some cases, you have less than a second to do so.

At Gaga, we communicate the message quickly and directly. Our ads communicate The Point in a way that you understand and relate to. Each ad, on some level, creates a desire for the product by revealing appealing features or positive qualities about the product or service.

An ad must always contain some sort of instruction to the reader. It may be as simple as a website address or phone number tucked into a corner, but it needs to have something. Our ads affect you in such a way that you actually remembered the advertisement and the product it was selling.

Our experience and graphic expertise yield initial designs on the majority of print projects that have a high percentage approval rate by clients. This makes us a very valuable print partner, as we don’t waste precious time “trying to hit the mark” creatively and we can move quickly to the production stage. This is our comfort zone. Our production prowess is a result of a studio of talented team members with years of experience producing a high volume of print and collateral projects on a daily basis. The Gaga team lives, breathes and eats high volume, high quality print output.