Scene from Akamai Image TV

Scene from Akamai Image TV

Broadcast Production

There are many ways to produce high-quality broadcast TV and short films, and Gaga has an economical solution for all of them. We have produced everything from global TV campaigns shot in many locations throughout Europe to a simple award winning, low budget desktop animated spot. Each fashioned with the same care and enthusiasm many have come to expect from Gaga.

We have an in-house broadcast production company called 2030 Films. Gaga creative director Richard Smith directs all the work, some of which has been the recipient of many global advertising awards including gold and silver Lions at the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival. We are able to hire some of the hottest cinematographers from around the country to make sure your project is superior.

But the best thing about 2030 Films is we don’t have the enormous overhead many production houses carry. We in turn pass the savings on to you, allowing us to give you Hollywood production style for a fraction of the cost.

Gaga prides itself on squeezing incredible production values out of the smallest budgets. Much of our desktop animated spots pack a huge punch for not a huge budget. And that is our ultimate goal, providing great value for your broadcast production dollars.